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Tapanified September 2012 Update

Uploaded by zozoa - 26-10-12
Author Author Tapani, zozoa
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The September 2012 Data Update Tapanified version is out now!

Play the great September 2012 with the Tapani Patch improvments.

Game starts at 2012 and many more known features.

Installing instuctions:
1. Install CM 01/02 (or re-install it if already installed)
2. Install the 3.9.68 Official Patch.
3. Extract the files from Tapanified September 2012 Update.rar to the Data folder.
4. Apply (as admin when possible) cmpatcher-3.12.exe and select start year as 2010. 2012 has proved to not work correctly!!
5. Apply (as admin when possible) September 2012 Patcher.exe.
6. Start a new game.

Important notes:
1. The September 2012 Patcher is essential in order to start the game in 2010 (unfortunately 2012 does not work correctly).
2. Please let me know about any crash,error,etc. via private message as I'm not around much these days. At the same time post it also in the September Tapanified 2012 Update thread only in order to get help.