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CM Explorer

CM Explorer allows you to basically edit everything in your save game bar player histories. What sets CM Explorer apart from probably every other saved game editor is the fact that it has secondary functionality as a pre-game editor. If that weren't enough, the utility also has a scout editor available to be used that has numerous filters available to ensure your scouting is successful. But there's even more..

With the help of CMExplorer one can accomplish the following tasks:
Add, delete, and edit players, including editing player contracts and injuries in saved games.
Transfer players even in saved games.
Add, delete, and edit staff.
Add, delete, and edit officials.
Add, delete, and edit clubs, including editing club cash in saved games.
Edit nations.
Edit national clubs.
Add, delete, and edit stadiums.
Add, delete, and edit cities.
Edit names to resolve name generation problems.
Scout the entire database for items with given characteristics with the help of filters.
Find players and staff with best ratings with the help of the rating sorting capability.
Generate staff shortlists.
Convenient browsing of the entire database.

The saved game editor functions as a real-time saved game editor which means that you can run the editor and your CM 01/02 saved game simultaneously with the changes done via the editor taking immedeate effect. Add a Windows-explorer like interface ensuring using the editor is a trouble-free experience and you probably have one of the most complete packages to appear for CM 01/02.

Installation Instructions

Download from the above link and extract to anywhere on your computer.

Run CMExplorer, open your saved game and away you go!

In order for CM Explorer to work, your saved games will need to be in uncompressed mode. To check, load up the game and select Game Options, click Game Settings and make sure Save Compressed is set to No.

Technical Support

If you are having trouble installing the game for any reason, please contact our Technical Support team by posting here.

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