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SI Games Official Patch v3.9.68

Uploaded by Dermotron - 02-03-12
Author Author SI Games
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SI Games Official Patch v3.9.68

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This patch updates your version of the game from v3.9.60 (Original Database) to v3.9.68, fixing a series of bugs found with the original database and also adds the South Korean League.

Please note that if you wish to use any of the updates supplied by, you will need to download this patch. Any existing savegames you had with the original database will not work with this patch.

Changes to v3.9.68:
West Ham duplicate strikers bug fixed
Finnish Premier Division teams corrected
Games not running in all languages fixed
ARSE command problem fixed
England + English Conference + Scotland problem fixed
Australian NSL: Number of teams entered to comp fixed, number of foreign players allowed bug fixed
Player surnames not appearing on Team of the week screen fixed
Fixed problem with Polish First Division relegations
Fixed problem with Argentine Second Division
[Korean] Extended length of Media strings
[Korean] Updated Korean player and team data
Lessened chance of free-kicks hitting walls slightly
Increased Protection of players at big clubs slightly
New command line option 'nomemcheck' to disable memory safety checks
Fixed rare problem with club records
Changed from over-length copy-protection to a system that will work on all CD-ROM systems
Repair news corruption which can happen in the original release
Made it less likely that a player with a lower match rating than another player will get MoM
Made it less likely for non-league clubs to get rescued when bankrupt
Made Man Of Match display on match screen compatible with COLOURBLIND flag
Protected against unlikely stadium expansions (most notably in Brazil)
Made interest payments when seriously in debt more severe
Made aging, greedy players a bit less likely to accept moves if they're well paid in their current contract.
Made 'future' screen show Jaded players information correctly
Second leg of Asian Super Cup is now 14 days after first leg
Clubs from Pakistan now play in East section of Asian club competitions
Latest player and team updates (including Bassett at Leicester) (data)
A language pack to play the game in one of 10 languages (data)
Compensation is now paid to players former club for non Bosman 2 transfers (game)
Fixed potential crash when reminders are generated for player notes (game)
Brazilian National First and Second divisions now use playoff stage for history and not league table (game)

Installation Instructions

Simply download the patch to anywhere on your computer and then run the program.

Please note that you will need the actual CD-ROM in order for this patch to run.

You will need to have WinRAR, 7Zip or IZArc installed in order to open the file

Technical Support

If you are having trouble installing the game for any reason, please contact our Technical Support team by posting here.

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