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*Last Updated: 05/06/2012

I have changed the way the program runs; you now want Go.bat

I have added a simple logging feature, so you if you get an error please post the contents of log.txt and I'll look into it.

Download, extract, read ReadMe.txt, double-click Go.bat and choose from the list of options.

You can edit the file called 'properties' (open it in a text editor) to change the location of your CM directory if you want to, the default location is already set to C:/Program Files/Championship Manager 01-02/

Please note: this software requires Java in order to work, so if you get an message saying something along the lines of 'java is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file' then there are two possible fixes:
1) Java isn't recognised by the command line, in which case try and find java.exe on your computer (mine is in C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_14\bin) then edit the .bat file (any text editor can be used) by changing 'java' to "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_14\bin\java.exe" (including the speech marks) or wherever your java.exe is installed). Leave a space after the last speech mark and SpeedAdjuster. Save and re-try.

2) You don't have Java installed - I had assumed everyone would have Java installed on their computer (it comes with most, if not all, web browsers). It can be downloaded here:

Squad Randomizer (updated):
A small tool that swaps all the players between teams in any chosen division. It ensures squads stay roughly balanced in terms of overall quality - although it does not ensure the squads remain balanced in terms of player positions.
New feature added to randomize staff names as well as who they player for.

20 Richest Clubs:
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Works on save games as well as pre-game.

Team Swap:
Swaps two teams pre-game, changes current division, last division, reserve division, last position and nation. Similar to zozoa's tool of the same name. I've never used his tool so it might be slightly different.

Team Swap - LIVE
Same as the above except that it works on a saved game, i.e. you can swap teams between two divisions, even across different countries, all in the middle of a save game. Based on the instructions found here: I strongly recommend backing up the save AND only using it at the end of the season. The game will reject certain changes but not others, examples:
Crewe & Celtic - Crewe mid-table, Celtic won the SPL - worked.
Crewe & Man Utd - Crewe mid-table, Man Utd won the EPL - failed.
Celtic & Blackpool - Celtic won SPL, Blackpool human managed and won 2nd division - failed.
Hearts & Blackpool - Hearts mid-table, Blackpool human managed and won 2nd division - failed.
Celtic & Sheff Utd - Celtic won SPL, Sheff Utd mid-table - worked.
Blackpool & Sheff Utd - Sheff Utd mid-table, Blackpool human managed and won 2nd division - failed.
Wigan & Sheff Utd - Wigan mid-table and human managed, Sheff Utd mid-table - worked.

I've also used it successfully to swap a team from Australian NSL with Australian non-league.

Fat Tony's Construction Company:
Fed up of the local council blocking stadium expansion? Wish your chairman would show some ambition and expand the stadium? Well let Fat Tony use his powers of persuasion to make them change their mind.
Note: don't be greedy, there's a glitch that results in clubs getting 120m transfer funds if too much money is spent (not sure why, I don't think it's my code that causes it).

Tower of Babel:
Edits all nations so everyone speaks the same language(s) - works both pre-game and on save games. Not really any point, although it might help players settle.

Flex Editor Instructions:
Choose your .exe file, then choose a file in the offset dir, e.g. Money.txt. The screen that loads will allow you to edit most TV & Prize money figures stored in the game. I've now added Subs.txt too.

More Colours:
A new tool to add more colours into colour.dat, you can then use the existing editors to choose from a wider variety of kit colours. Colours added can be found here:

Local Clubs:
Give it the name of a city of team and it will tell you all the club within the radius of the distance you enter (works in both Miles and Kilometers). No real purpose, might make an interesting challenge though - only buying players from with n miles of wherever.

Designed to give some random selections on who you should buy and / or sell. Written with challenges in mind, being 'forced' to sell the suggested players might be too infuriating though. Randomness can be weighted by editing files in ./config/twister/ - I'll write some instructions on this at some point too.

Uefa Ban:
Experimental save game tool to 'ban' nations from European football. Don't ban all nations or the game will crash. Could be used to ban the good nations to make it easier or ban the lesser nations to make earlier rounds harder.

Searches the specified file for the bytes you enter, values entered should be separated by as space, e.g. "0x45 0x72 0x72 0x6f 0x72" would search for the text 'Error'. Now includes a text search feature.

Speed Adjuster:
Adjusts the speed at which the game runs, now works with 3.9.65 as well as 3.9.60 & 3.9.68

Colour Adjuster:
Liven up your game with a snazzy new colour scheme, an updated version on Tapani's tool of the same name. Tutorial (for Tapani's but they work the same way):
Colour schemes:

Release Players:
Similar to zozoa's Release Them All with the added benefit of having greater control over the process. As well as releasing everyone there is the option to release all players from clubs in a given country or from a particular club. Now includes a 'Release & Deport' option; this changes all released players nationality to Zaire - the result of which is the game never loads them.

Golden Age:
Painfully slow to start but this tool allows you to generate new players at a club of your choice. You can control the number of players to create and the PA (or range) of the player. Ranges should be entered as "1:200", leaving it blank will set PA to 0 - the game will then give the player a random value. Players will have the nationality of the club and have names appropriate for their nationality.

Data Errors:
Spots errors in the data of the game, also includes a feature to find all players with a PA specified by you.

Also included:
Flex Script Runner
Time Machine (start year adjuster)
GPF3 (Generated Player Finder)
Database Analyzer

Most are straight forward but I'll get around to writing some manuals and detailed instructions for Flex Script Runner at some point...

Any problems post something Tech Support.

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